Sweet Koyuki Cosplay : Nyunya Yamashita

When i trying to find GTA mod i stucked in a site with this Koyuki Cosplay photo from Nynya Yamashita anime (not sure its anime or no), i never know about this Nyunya Yamashita but from some information i got, the character name on this Koyuki Cosplay photography is Top Page Girl Rick O Sound, actually i don't really care about what character is this but Koyuki wearing very cute and smexy maid costume ^^" so lil curious about the character on this Koyuki Cosplay photo.

Sweet Koyuki Cosplay : Nyunya Yamashita Gallery

Well Koyuki is one of my favorites cosplayer that why i think i got almost all of her cosplay photography in my collection XD is Koyuki taking side job as maid!? :O if so I think I'm going to sign her in my house, but not as Maid i gonna ask her for something else while wearing Maid Costume like on this Koyuki Cosplay ;D like dinner with me and playing PS3 and Nintendo Wii XD thats sound fun, well the best part from this Koyuki Cosplay photo is she got very sweet smile in the last picture, Love it.

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