More Vampire Savior Cosplay : Ahane

After posting this Kipi Cosplay as Lilith Aesland now i got more photo of Vampire Savior Cosplay photo but this time the cosplayer name is Ahane, i have post her One Piece Cosplay as Boa Hancock that was great cosplay with nice photography touch, and this time she also did great on this Vampire Savior with pudle cosplay costume, i don't know with you but i think she look like smexy pudle for me XD.

More Vampire Savior Cosplay : Ahane Gallery

In this Vampire Savior Cosplay photo she cosplaying as Ferisia character from Vampire Savior, i don't know if Ferisia wearing this cloth everyday but if Ahane wearing this costume everyday that would be awesome XD (please note : don't wear this cloth in winter) even with that fluffy stuff everywhere i'am sure You will still get flu, well Ahane is so hawt in this Vampire Savior Cosplay, her cosplay costume and pose are enough to destroy the world ^^ its sweet hawt Vampire Savior Cosplay photography.

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