Maid Cosplay by Lendfried

More Maid Cosplay photo, the cosplayer behind this maid cosplay photo is Lenfried, I hink this is my first time i post her cosplay photo in this blog, but its been several time i post Maid Cosplay photo i mean cosplay with Maid Cosplay costume, check previous Maid Cosplay photo by Koyuki here, i think Maid costume always work to show girls cute/kawaii side ^^.

Maid Cosplay by Pude Gallery

Well actually beside the cosplayer (Lendfried) got a cute face and body she also got a nice provocate pose that make every guys who see this Maid Cosplay photo wanna hire her as their private maid at home XD (I wanted to hire her to play Nintendo Wii with me XD with koyuki too Lol), Lenfried is cosplaying as Kooh from pangya, that Maid Cosplay Costume!? its look like lolita style XD or whatever is that i still wanna hire her to play Wii, well its sweet Maid Cosplay photo by Pude.

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