K-On Cosplay : Maid Misa

Like i said maid costume always manage to show girls cuteness (i mean not all maid cotume XD) and in this K-On Cosplay photo there is five cute girls wearing maid costume (Cute + Cute = super cute x 5 = paradise) i never wanna go back home if i go to the cafe with the maid like on this K-On Cosplay . this is complete member of light music from K-On anime, maybe they need some budget for some music instrument and take a side job as Maid at Cafe.

K-On Cosplay : Maid Misa Gallery

When i saw this K-On Cosplay photography, its like "Omg i wanna keep them all in my house XD it would be awesome if i got five cute maid like this in my house lol" that my dream but for real life my girl is enough ^^" well Misa is super cute cosplayer and sadly i don't know all the cosplayer name in this K-On Cosplay photography, they are all cute, seriously i love their pose in the 10th picture :D well its cute K-On Cosplay photo by Misa n' friend, check previous Misa Cosplay here and Maid Cosplay photo here >:D.

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