Its Gangnam Style Time!! XD

I'm talking about Gangnam Style and Hyuna on this post, and till now i still enjoying this video every morning Lol, and i don't have idea why i post this video in myanimegirls XD whatever you gonna say about this post, its too late to say "don't post it here", noone can stop me to post this video Lol. check this out!! (had already deviated from the title MyAnimeGirls, when I post cosplay from usako)

Original Gangnam Style Video 
a little stupid ... but funny and entertaining. agree? XD

PSY Featuring Hyuna
That my girl >:D

Hyuna is ExMember of two Korean girls band , Wondergirls and 4minute and now she's solo singer. not sure but I think I'm right ^^". Enjoy it or just leave this post :D. 

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