Hot Sheryl Nome Cosplay by Omiyalotus

This is my first time i post Sheryl Nome Cosplay photography by Omiyalotus though i already have it in my cosplay collection for long time, when i saw this Sheryl Nome Cosplay photography, i thought the cosplayer is Aira but i was wrong, the coser name is Omiyalotus i don't know much about her, but she manage to make me in love with Sheryl Nome because of this cosplay photography.

Hot Sheryl Nome Cosplay by Omiyalotus Gallery

There is several thing that make me love this Sheryl Nome Cosplay photo, first...Omiyalotus got a pretty face that look fits as Sheyl Nome, she has a sharp pretty eyes look just like a love arrow darted into my heart XD, and..ehem..,the lasting is she got double magic thing that will make every guys fall to her, well thats it, i love this Sheryl Nome Cosplay photography but sadly i just have one cosplay picture and still no time to find more picture, its great if someone can share or give a link to her blog or other photos, its hot Sheryl Nome Cosplay photography.

check her deviantart.

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