Hot Kipi Cosplay as Lilith Aesland

Kipi is a cute cosplayer and in most of Kipi Cosplay photo she always cosplaying as Moe character (well she's moe queen ^^ for me) but she look little different this time since she wearing super smexy Succubus cosplay costume that make her cute image changed, well actually she still cute as always, she just got more hawt point in this Kipi Cosplay photo with that cosplay costume (More Hot Kipi Cosplay Photo).

Hawt Kipi Cosplay as Lilith Aesland Gallery

Kipi Cosplaying as Lilith Aesland from darkstalkers game (in japan known as Vampire Savior) when i comparing this Kipi Cosplay photo with Lilith picture on internet i think Kipi is better version of Lilith Aesland, well i prefer this Kipi Cosplay as Lilith than the original lilith from the game XD, i really love this Kipi Cosplay photography but sadly i just got two picture so far T.T i got this Kipi Cosplay photography from cosrain, i think i gonna try to find more photo next time.

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