Final Fantasy Cosplay Photography by Usako

Another Stunning Final Fantasy Cosplay Photography, its swinging from my blog tittle (myAnimeGirls) xD because now i got Final Fantasy Cosplay photography by muscular man, Usako....check his One Piece Cosplay photo (as Mihawk), in this Cosplay Photography he is cosplaying as Reno, and as always he look great as the character he cosplaying as we can see in this Final Fantasy Cosplay Photography.

Final Fantasy Cosplay Photography by Usako Gallery

I got idea to post this Final Fantasy Cosplay Photography by Usako after i watch 2nd generation JKT48 audition in tv, and one of the contestan is a cute coser girl, she wearing Tifa's costume + her bazoka ^^ seriously she look so cute and confident with that -love it-, i have searcing her cosplay photography and was planing to post that in this blog, but so far i got nothing :P, oh yea...JKT48 is sister band of AKB48 (JKT mean Jakarta ~Indonesia) well nothing more i wanna say about this Final Fantasy Cosplay photography, i got this Final Fantasy cosplay photo from Usako's WorldCosplay page, its stunning Final Fantasy Cosplay Photography.

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