Fairy Tail Cosplay : Ultear by Ki

Another Fairy Tail Cosplay Photography by great cosplayer, this time the cosplayer behind this Fairy Tail Cosplay Photography is Hongkong cosplayer girl, her name is Ki, Ki is the same girl behind this nice One Piece Cosplay photo, she cosplaying as Boa Hancock in there, i just read the lates character of Fairy Tail manga when i got idea to post this Fairy Tail Cosplay Photography.

Fairy Tail Cosplay : Ultear by Ki Gallery

Ki cosplaying as Ultear, she female Mage and a former member of Grimoire Heart. She was the eldest of the Seven Kin of Purgatory, the strongest team in her guild. Currently, she's an Independent Mage of Crime Sorciere, i trying to find more Fairy Tail Cosplay Photography of Ultear character, but its really hard to find someone that look really fits as Ultear characteristic, and ultear on this Fairy Tail Cosplay photography is the best Ultear cosplay so far i know, Ki got a nice lips with a red lipstick that really look like a real Ultear, she cosplaying as Ultear before time skip, well i got this Fairy Tail Cosplay Photography from Ki's WorldCosplay page, its really nice Ultear Cosplay.

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