Death Note Cosplay photo by Wakame

One more Death Note Cosplay photo of Misa Amane, i can say this is mature version of Misa Amane because Wakame look maturer than misa amane ^^, ummm yea the cosplayer behind this Death Note Cosplay Photography is Wakame (this is my first time i post her cosplay photo) there is something different from this Death Note Cosplay photography, Wakame wearing a white dress here beside that she look hawter than misa amane in anime.

Death Note Cosplay photo by Wakame Gallery

Something interesting from this Death Note Cosplay photography is Wakame wearing a same dress model with Misa's dress (at least its almost same), its just different Color =), well i got this white version Misa Amane from cosrain, well although she look maturer and her hair seem too yellow i think everything else look perfect here, Misa Amane fans would not mind if she become Misa Amane (grown version :D) i'am Misa Amane fans XD, well its sweet Death Note Cosplay photography by Wakame.

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