Saya Cosplay Photo as Nanto Yaya

Its sweet Saya Cosplay photo as Nanto Yaya from Strawberry Panic! anime, she always look great on black long hair color i think that really fits with her brown eyes and sweet smile ^^ (she always smiling on every Saya Cosplay photo, that opposite with Koyuki) i really like her cosplay costume on this Saya Cosplay photography, i never watch Strawberry Panic! so i don't know that was a high school uniform or not, but it will make all girls look cuter while wearing it ^^.

Saya Cosplay Photo as Nanto Yaya Gallery

Well since i don't know about this anime so i can't say how fits Saya as the Nanto Yaya, but i think saya won't fits as agressive girls like Nanto Yaya, Yaya Nanto is Hikari's roommate. She is a somewhat forceful girl who also seems to look out for Hikari, beside her costume on this Saya Cosplay photo i think that big orange ribbon give a big contribution to make Saya look even more sweeter :D, well in Previous Saya Cosplay she cosplaying as Hibiki Ganaha from the idolm@ster, saya look more cheerful with that gold costume, well its sweet Saya Cosplay photography as Nanto Yaya.

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