Pretty Fairy Tail Cosplay of Lucy Heartfilia

Want to see more Fairy Tail Cosplay photo!? i think you're in the right place, because i got i another Lucy Heartfilia Cosplay photo by Japanese cosplayer, her name is Lightning umm..i'm sure that was not her real name XD (you can find another previous Fairy Tail Cosplay photo from this link), when i saw Lightning's submission on worldcosplay page, i believe she is a big fans of Fairy Tail Anime (especially Lucy Character) cos almost all of her submission is cosplay of Lucy heartfilia ^^".

Pretty Fairy Tail Cosplay of Lucy Heartfilia Gallery

Well although almost all of her cosplay photo was Lucy Heartifilia Cosplay but i'm not bored with it, since she did Fairy Tail Cosplay in many different cosplay costume, we can see that on this entry, i took seven of her Lucy heartifilia cosplay photo with five different cosplay costume, and she still got more costume on her Fairy Tail Cosplay of Lucy Heartfilia ^^, well i dont remember Lucy ever wearing all of this cloth on anime but that costume really look cute on Lightning :D (Lucy with Kitty ear is Kawaiii and hawt XD), well i got this Fairy Tail Cosplay Photo by Lightning from her worldCosplay page.

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