Perfect Saya Cosplay Photo as Rinoa Heartilly

Its clean, neat and soft Saya Cosplay photo, not sure why but i think this Saya Cosplay photo look so neat because the ligting drop on the coser (saya) is so uneven, i love the belur effect on the beackground (thats make the photograph focused on the coser or some part), actually i don't really this Rinoa character since she is not my type ^^" but on this Saya Cosplay Photo, saya makes me starting to like this character, Saya makes a better version of Rinoa Heartilly.

Inocent One Piece Cosplay Photo by Kurumi Gallery

Well although i never watch nor play Final Fantasy VIII but i always love the cosplay version of Final fantasy, i'm a big fans of Saya, she is probably one of the best coser ever (at least for me ^^) one thing that i will never forget from Saya are her sweet smile and eyes, she got pretty eyes and sweet smile, but some rumor said saya is a "guy" =.=" i don't care with that i believe she is a real girl, and any fact won't change the fact that she got unforgettable smile ^^, well i love this Saya Cosplay photo as Rinoa Heartilly because Saya got similar face characteristic with Rinoa, and she is prettier than real rinoa heartilly for me :D, well i got this Saya Cosplay Photo from cosrain. its sweet Saya Cosplay photo.

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