Neneko Cosplay as Nyarlathotep

I got blue screen in my PC yesterday and just finish to reinstall my windows now, Neneko Cosplay become the opening of my cosplay post today, she cosplaying as Nyarlathotep character, she is the main female character (well female alien XD) from alien theme anime called Haiyore! Nyaruko-San, well never watch this anime and this is My first time i saw Neneko Cosplay as Nyarlathotep, but its been several time i saw and post Nyarlathotep Cosplay on this blog, you can find Asae Ayato Cosplay as Nyarlathotep from this Link.

Neneko Cosplay as Nyarlathotep Gallery

Well my imagination about Alien is changed after i saw Asae Ayato and Neneko Cosplay as Nyarlathotep character (i hope NASA can find cute Alien like this in mars exibition XD), ummm i think that donky doll is cute too :o that doll got same color with Neneko's hair on this Neneko Cosplay photo ^^, well actually there is another coser too on this Neneko Cosplay photo but i really don't know her name, i got this Neneko Cosplay Photo from cosrain, think i gonna check Neneko's facebook to see another cosplay photo of her.

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