Cute Steins;gate Cosplay by Hiokichi

I want to say this Steins;gate Cosplay by Hiokichi is one of the best Makise Kurisu Cosplay i have ever seen, although i think her cosplay costume i mean cloth on this Steins;gate Cosplay seem little bit different with  Makise kurisu cloth in anime (her colar and tie color), but i really love her expression on this Steins;gate Cosplay that look like  Makise Kurisu when she start thinking something serious, and Hiokichi got really sweet smile when she smiling in some picture of this Steins;gate Cosplay.

Cute Steins;gate Cosplay by Hiokichi Gallery


I just watch this Steins;gate anime yesteday and just finished to watch episode 20 when Okarin/mad scientis/kyouma or whatever XD (i think he make "mad scientis" name bad) back to beta world line when  Makise Kurisu got stabed, well when i watch 3 first episode i really got confused with the story on this anime XD but after that its getting interesting and i hate to say it "my friend was right XD this is good anime and i love it" (I hate to admit he was right xD), well i got this Steins;gate Cosplay photo from, its really sweet Steins;gate cosplay photo by Hiokichi.

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