Another Koyuki Cosplay as Marisa

This is Koyuki Cosplay photo as the character from Touhou Project anime, finally i can post more Koyuki Cosplay photo (been long time did not post cosplay photo from Koyuki ^^) Koyuki is lovely cosplayer that always make me even more love her cosplay when i saw her expression, well she rarely smile on her cosplay photo ^^" but i think thats is one of my reason why i always love Koyuki Cosplay.

Another Koyuki Cosplay as Marisa Gallery

Its great that i can see Koyuki Cosplaying as Marisa Kirisame character from Touhou Project, and the best part from this Koyuki Cosplay photo is we can see Koyuki smiling XD well not just that on this Koyuki Cosplay photography Koyuki looks so sweet with that white dress and witch hat (that costume was remind me with Witch armor in mabinogi heroes online game :D) beside that although Koyuki got japanese face but she look awesome with that blonde hair, to see previous Koyuki Cosplay photography you can go to this link. its sweet Marisa Kirisame cosplay.

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