Misa Cosplay Photo as Toujo Aya

Another Misa Cosplay photo as character from one of my favorites anime, well i think this is anime for girls XD but i really love this Anime, this Character name is Toujo Aya, she is sweet girls character from Ichigo 100% anime, Toujo Aya is smart junior high school student who has a cute face but always look tacky, with thick glasses and hair braids, and she transform into super cute girls when her glass broke and she wearing softlens, Well i can say on this Misa Cosplay Photo she look perfectly fits as Toujo Aya. 

Misa Cosplay Photo as Toujo Aya Gallery

Misa has Cute face and cute body posture just like Toujo Aya, beside that i love her hair on this Misa Cosplay Photo, i'am not sure that was her real hair or no but that very fit with misa ^^ like i said she look perfectly fits as Toujo Aya just wondering how fits Misa if she cosplaying as Toujo Aya with thick glasses :D, i love this Misa Cosplay Photo but i think she would look more fits if she cosplaying as Nishino Tsukasa. well i got this Misa Cosplay Photo from her WorldCosplay page, just visit there to see another Misa Cosplay photo.

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