Aria Cosplay Photo by Sue

Been a while i am not post cosplay photo from Sue, you can see her previous cosplay photo from this link, she cosplaying as Nymph from Sora No Otoshimono in there, and this time on this Aria Cosplay Photo she cosplaying as Akari Mizunashi from Aria, well i really dont know about this anime XD so let me explain it with my "sensei" help, Akari Mizunashi is a native of Japan on Manhome (Earth) who immigrates to Aqua when she is 15 to become an undine, Akari makes friends quickly and easily converses with customers and other strangers. She is depicted as optimistic and cheerful (~wiki) well thats it :D, and when we talking about cheerful personality i think Sue look cheerful ^^ on this Aria Cosplay.

Aria Cosplay Photo by Sue Gallery

Well i like everything on this Aria Cosplay photo, not just because Sue look fits as Akari but her Aria Cosplay Costume, her hair, her pose and expression, everything look nice on this Aria Cosplay, i really like the natural light from outside of window, thats make the contrast on this Aria Cosplay look so nice, well actually i already sleepy now XD that why i don't know what i should write on this entry, well...i think thats all, i got this Aria Cosplay photo from Ophanium, its sweet Sue Cosplay photo as Akari Mizunashi.

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