Trinity Blood Cosplay by Zusaki

I got new cosplayer here (i mean on MyAnimeGirls :D) i believe shes is not new coser, her name is Zusaki she is sweet cosplayer from China, actually i dont know much about this Trinity Blood so i gonna try to explain it with Wiki's help XD, Trinity Blood is a series of Japnese light novels written by Sunao Yoshida with illustrations by Thores Shibamoto and originally serialized in The Sneaker, take set 900 years after apocalyptic war between humans and vampire, well thats it :D.

Trinity Blood Cosplay by Zusaki  Gallery

On this Trinity Blood Cosplay by Zusaki, she really did great to make this Esther Blanchett cosplay photo looks so beautifull with blue shade (Esther Blanchett is the character she cosing), i think her makeup give big contribution to make this Trinity Blood Cosplay photo looks awesome, she looks beautifull but also look strong, i love her cosplay costume that costume look complex and like a real one, and one more thing which i love from this Trinity Blood Cosplay photo is her expression and that gun, the gun like a real gun, well i got this Trinity Blood Cosplay photo by Zusaki from her WorldCosplay page, love it.

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