Pokemon Cosplay by Mai

Pokemon Cosplay by Mai Cosplayer as Misty Character from Pokemon series, Pokemon abbreviated from Pocket Monsters is a children's TV anime series, which has since been adapted for the international television markets. It is based on the Pokémon video game series and a part of the Pokémon franchise, i never really like this pokemon anime but i still play Pokemon game last year, lastime i play Pokemon Black version, on this Pokemon Cosplay the cosplayer name is Mai she cosplaying as Misty, Misty, known as Kasumi in Japanese versions, is a fictional character in the Pokemon franchise. She has appeared as a Gym Leader in the Pokemon video games, several seasons of the Pokémon anime, Misty is the Gym Leader of Cerulean City. She specializes in Water-type Pokémon. 

Pokemon Cosplay by Mai Gallery

This Pokemon Cosplay photo is not my first time i post cosplay photo from Mai, i already post some of her cosplay photo before wich you can find that here (im not sure that was same Mai, they looks different), nothing i really want to say about this Pokemon Cosplay photo but i sould write something XD because usualy i did that, well i think Mai seems bit different with Misty maybe bacause Mai seems bit more mature than Misty character which i have ever imagine, the cosplay costume seems good enough (yea thats simple costume) and her hair on this Pokemon Cosplay photo seems bit different with Misty hair (that looks like she just woke up :P) but that still looks nice on Mai, well Mai is pretty, cute and she looks cheerfull with her expression and pose though i dont really like her expression here, well i got this Pokemon Cosplay Photo from Cosrain.com, its cute Mai Cosplay photo as Misty (kasumi) character from Pokemon.

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