Bleach Cosplay by xXBRStarXx

Awesome Bleach Cosplay photo by Australian Coser xXBRStarXx, when i saw this Bleach Cosplay photo for the first time actually i'm not sure this is bleach cosplay photo, since i never see Ichigo with that long black hair like thats, the hair and the costume ~well everything looks different from ichigo kurosaki which ive ever know, but its said, this is Ichigo Cosplay from bleach (since i was not follow bleach anime anymore maybe Ichigo got new power and appearance now, so i believe it) well, regardless of whos cosplay is this, xXBRStarXx has manage to impress me with his cosplay photo, he looks very cool with that hair and the cosplay costume its just remind me with ninja style, beside that the dark aura affect has made this Bleach Cosplay photo looks even more cooler.

Bleach Cosplay by xXBRStarXx Gallery

Actually there is Emirin too on this Bleach Cosplay photo, she cosplaying as Rukia, i just wondering how they can cosing together since they both in different country, Emirin is thailand coser and xXBRStarXx from australia, they both really did great on this cosplay photo, especially for the photography effect i really love that (the dark and white aura is awesome), well i got this Bleach Cosplay photo by xXBRStarXx from his WorldCosplay page, visit there to see his another cosplay photo, and i think i should watch Bleach again start from now, because this ichigo cosplay photo keep bugging me xD...whatever i like this cool cosplay photo.

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