Aira Cosplay Photo as Kasumi

Aira Cosplay Photo as Kasumi Character from Dead or Alive fighting game, Kasumi has served as the main character of the Dead or Alive franchise since its premiere in 1996, including as the official protagonist in the first two main games in the series, the game version is good and i love that game, but the live movie of this game is fail i never like that (at least i still like to see Devon Aoki as Kasumi), Kasumi is the respected heiress-in-line of her clan, the Mugen Tenshin, along with her brother Hayate. When Hayate disappeared following an attack by their treacherous uncle Raidou, Kasumi was supposed to take over leadership of the clan, she left her village without permission on a personal quest of revenge, Kasumi eventually killed the rogue Raidou and avenged Hayate, winning the first DOA tournament.

Aira Cosplay Photo as Kasumi Gallery

Another Aira Cosplay photo as Kasuma (you can find other Aira Cosplay photo as kasumi here), Aira is one of my favorites coser i dont know why but i feel like Aira has similar face with Saya (her smile and body posture always remind me to Saya), This time on this Aira Cosplay she wearing original costume of kasumi (her main color scheme used to be in the white and red in the original game, later blue and white), well Aira looks so hawt with this kasumi cosplay costume and she looks fits enough as Kasumi (well i still love to see Devon Aoki as Kasumi :D) till now i still wondering why Movie or game female character always wearing less armor than male character and always lets their vital spot uncovered with armor, well i got this Aira Cosplay Photo as Kasumi from, i always miss Saya when i saw Aira Cosplay photo >.<, its sweet kasumi cosplay photo by Aira.

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