Tasha Cosplay Photo as Choun

Tasha Cosplay Photo as Choun Character from Shin Koihime Muso Otome Ryoran Sangokushi Engi, because i dont know about this Koihime Muso (koi i though this this tittle is corelated with Koi a fish XD - if we use space "Koi Hime" can be mean Princess Koi lol), i'll take information about this Koihime from wikipedia (wikipedia is best friend for me xD) Koihime Musō: Doki Otome Darake no Sangokushi Engi is a Japanese adult visual novel and strategy game based on the classic Chinese novel Romance of the Three Kingdoms, well thats it, in this Cosplay photo Tasha cosplay as one of protagonist character on that visual novel Choun (Koihime muso also has been adapted into anime and anime version), Choun is Chōun is a mysterious girl who appears calm, collected, and very powerful. She is the second person to join the group, She loves to tease Kan'u and other women frequently, and seems to relish whenever she gets up close with them.

Tasha Cosplay Photo as Choun Gallery

Tasha swaaannN! XD i really love this Tasha Cosplay as Choun (especially 2nd and 3rd cosplay photo xD) that was awesome angle, in this Tasha cosplay Tasha seems not fit enough with Choun, i mean i think tasha seems too mature as Choun beside that her hair on this Tasha Cosplay as Choun seems unatural, well that not a big metter :D, but when i saw that closely i think thats hair seems good on Tasha, i love her cosplay costume in this cosplay photo, thats looks detailed and seems close to the real Choun cloth on the anime version, and her weapon has been made well too (i think that is one of the best part on this Tasha Cosplay), and the coolest part of this Tasha Cosplay photo is the photography aspect, i love 4th and 5th cosplay photo, the background of the forest are awesome, and the dark shade on this Tasha Cosplay photo made this cosplay photo looks more dramatic and more alive, well I love that part :D, i got this Tasha Cosplay Photo from Cosrain.com, its sweet Tasha Cosplay as Choun (i prefer to see Tasha Cosplay as Choun than a real Choun in the anime XD).

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