One Piece Cosplay Photo Perona TimeSkip

One Piece Cosplay Photo Perona TimeSkip by Sweet Taiwan Cosplayer Kurumi, Perona was the Wild Zombies and Surprise Zombies Commander of Thriller Bark before the collapse of Gekko Moriah's zombie army, Her looks are inspired by the 'Gothic Lolita' style, with black, white and bright red and Perona's usual hair style has it tied in two high pigtails with somewhat flower-shaped black and white hairpins, and she always wears a red crown with a cross on top, but I love perona after two years timeskip Perona has a more mature look then before. Perona is seen on Sabaody Archipelago wearing a long black strapless dress with lavender ruchings, red high heeled boots and a big black top hat with a white floral decor, i think her personality not changed at all, she still confident and firm with herself. and dislikes people telling her what to do and dislikes anyone disobeying her will.

One Piece Cosplay Photo Perona TimeSkip Gallery

Another Kurumi's One Piece Cosplay Photo, i already post her cosplay photo as Perona (before Timeskip) and that was awesome One Piece Cosplay Photo (i love Perona's ghost in that photo ^^), Kurumi has cute face but i think shes not fits with perona personality that why Kurumi not fits enough with Perona Image (thats just what i think :D),  ummm i dont know why but i think Kurumi looks more suitable as Perona after two year Timeskip, i preferl this One Piece Cosplay than her previous One Piece Cosplay photo, she looks very fits as Perona though i think her hat seems bit different with perona hat in One Piece anime, i think Perona hat looks bigger than her hat in this cosplay photo ^^, well i got this One Piece Cosplay photo by Kurumi from her WorldCosplay page, hope i can see her other One Piece Cosplay photo ^^, its sweet Perona Cosplay by Kurumi.

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