COSPLAY: The Series (Interview with Eka & Yogi)

In the bridging period of COSPLAY: The Series Season 1 towards Season 2, I did an interview with the cast of CTS. The last few interview entries I published can be found in the links below.

Today, the limelight has finally been shifted towards the males in the series. Featuring Ikhsan Maulan and Bram Agusta who acted as the Hentai Eka and the Hacker Yogi respectively. Pretty interesting that the male characters in the series all have a somewhat negative moniker except Vincent Sempai xD

Ikhsan Maulan as  Eka Ananta



Bram Agusta as Baskara Prayogi





TCC: How did you get the role and what was your first reaction/thought?

 IM: I was surprised at first, but why not try it!

 BA: I got the role by accident! We were just hanging out, and I was selected! *laughs*

BR (Producer): Ah, it sounds so terrible when you put it that way! *laughs* We couldn’t get a suitable talent for Yogi, and I really wanted to have a hacker in the group, and then we saw Ibam sitting there just typing on his laptop, and he seemed pretty fitting! Originally, his role was a minor one, a guy who was in love with Annisa, but that character got deleted in the final few revisions because time restrictions of our episodes won’t allow us to develop their relationship properly.

TCC: Did you have to sacrifice anything (school, homework, club activities, work, partners, family, etc) to take part in this series?

IM: Nope!

BA: Nothing really, since production happened during holidays for me when I really had nothing else to do!

TCC: How was the whole filming process like? Describe with details :D!

IM: It was cool... I’ve enjoyed acting since I was a kid, anyway.

BA: The process was so awesome!! So much laughter, but also very tiring... As a photographer, I also learned so much from the series’ cinematographer Fadli Rozi!

TCC: Have you ever acted before? How was it like to be an actor/actress?

IM: Yes, ever since I was in kindergarten, I’ve always been a school or neighborhood representative for one of those quiz shows on TV, so I’m pretty used to it.

BA: I’ve never acted for a film before, this was the first. I usually act for cabaret performances.

TCC: How was it like working with Bonni Rambatan/ Producer and the entire crew?

IM: It was exciting!!! A lot of friends, a lot of learning new skills and knowledge, simply exciting. I had nothing else to do at the time besides filming, too!

BA: Working with them makes me feel like I was in a sitcom! *laughs* It was just sooo fun, so random, and filled with laughter!

TCC: Okay, something totally different. What’s your favorite Ice cream and why?

IM: Vanilla and chocolate! They just taste so good!

BA: I don’t really like ice cream because I have sensitive teeth.

TCC: Which Anime/Manga/Game character would you date and why?

IM: Hmm... Akasia Moka, Fate Testarosa... Because they’re voiced by Nana Mizuki!

BA: Um... I don’t know, I’ve never felt any kind of special attraction towards anime girls, but if I have to answer this question, maybe Maho Minami from Beck?

TCC: Are you reallllly that openly hentai in Real life? Where do you store your prized collection? (don’t worry, we’ll make sure your mom don’t find out hehe)

IM: *laughs* No, I’m actually a good and pretty straightforward guy. I’m only openly hentai to close friends. *laughs* I don’t have a collection since I don’t really know where to buy those stuff around here!

BR: *laughs* Remember that Yoko oppai mouse pad? That was actually mine. I’m guessing I’m the openly hentai one here! *laughs*

TCC: Please don’t tell me the character name is based off the fact that you actually look a little like Yogi Bear! *laughs*

BA: No, definitely not, because I don’t look like Yogi Bear! Well, maybe a little... *laughs*

TCC: Yogi’s presence as a Hacker is pretty weird considering it’s a Cosplay club. Why do you think Yogi joined and stayed in the club??

BA: I think Yogi joins the club because he loves anime, too, and because he finds his greatest friends there. He’s well versed in cyber law and memes and stuff, which is highly useful to the club.

BR: The original script has a lot more to tell about Yogi that was deleted in the revisions. Originally, I wanted to talk a lot more about the interconnection of Japanese culture and Internet memes, copyright law vs. scanlations and fansubs, the whole bunch, so we needed a character who could very well be a member of Anonymous or something (originally, Yogi was also much more antisocial). In the end we decided to delete all those because it wasn’t very relevant, but we kept the hacker character anyway as it was required to advance the plot.

TCC: Tell us something about yourself that is totally different from your character!

IM: I never play around with girls because I’m quite strict about being loyal to only one partner.

BA: Well, I’m not a thief like Yogi! *laughs* I’m pretty good with computers, but I’m not what you’d call a hacker like Yogi. Also I don’t think I would need better ninja skills. *laughs*

TCC: How far do you think Cosplay: The Series would go?

IM: I think it will keep on sailing smoothly... As smooth as the thighs of moe girls... *laughs*

BA: As far as we can go!

TCC: Does the series have any affect on your life?

IM: I think so... I get more shy when people recognize me, for instance.

BA: New friends! And of course the knowledge and experience of filmmaking process.

TCC: What kind of future do you foresee for the hobby ‘Cosplay’?

IM: I think people will realize how positive a hobby cosplay is, because it really trains you to be creative and embrace teamwork. Personally, cosplaying has been a huge positive step for me. My old hobby was street motor racing, which is very dangerous to myself and others. I’m glad I turned to cosplay instead.

BA: I think more and more people will try out cosplaying, and some of those will make a living doing it.



Yeap, that was a lot of questions and they answered everything. Kudos to that! I hope you guys enjoyed it !

Season 3 of COSPLAY: The Series is still in the works but if you haven’t caught onto the series yet, pop over to their website and watch it now! Subscribe to their channel and liking their Facebook Page!


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