One Piece Cosplay Photo Victoria Cindry

One Piece Cosplay Photo Victoria Cindry character by South Korean cosplayer Cheyu, this is not my first time i post her cosplay photo on this MyAnimeGirls Blog, i already post her One Piece Cosplay photo as Nami (that was cute nami with so nostalgic short haircut with ponytail ^^) but this time is reverse of Cute nami, in this One Piece Cosplay Photo she cosplaying as one of Moriah's Slave, Victoria Cindry (well we can said Zombie of Cindry), this is the best One Piece Cosplay of Victoria Cindry ever (so far :D) i love everything from this One Piece Cosplay, Cheyu has been made Cindry alive again (after she dead Moriah revive her, and now Cheyu has been revive her in real life xD), well everything look great here her dark skin and also her expression, though i think her plate on this One Piece Cosplay photography seem different with Cindry plates in Anime :D well that not a big metter, i love this One Piece Cosplay by Cheyu.

One Piece Cosplay Photo Victoria Cindry Gallery

And i think she need more plate to throw XD because she will need more than one plate to hit someone (she has bad accuracy xD) i remember when Victoria Cindry saw Usop, she really hate him and throw so many plate to usop (but none of the dishes are hit :D), Victoria Cindry was once a famous stage actress whom Dr. Hogback was in love with. When she accidentally died, Hogback stole her corpse in order to make her his own personal zombie slave, In life, Victoria Cindry was tall and slim, with short straight cut blonde hair and she always smiled, well i think another think which different from this One Piece Cosplay is Cheyu eyes (i think she need more big eyes) and she need more scary expression :D, well i got this One Piece Cosplay Photo from Cheyu's WorldCosplay webpage, awesome One Piece Cosplay photo by cheyu.

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