One Piece Cosplay Photo by Reika

One Piece Cosplay Photo by Reika Cosplayer as Most smartest people among strawhat Pirates crew Nico Robin (Nami is also smart but sometime she did stupid thing xD so i decide Nico Robin is smartest crew) i think all guys in Straw Hat pirates are stupid xD, Nico Robin is the archaeologist of the Straw Hat Pirates. She was originally introduced as the Vice President of Baroque Works known as Miss All Sunday before joining up with the Straw Hats, and actually when she still works as Chorocodile parter she not a bad people, when she won fight with arabasta general (forgot his name) Nico Robin let him alive and seem not serious fight with him, and after Luffy beat Crocodile Nico Robin already in Going Merry and asking to join crew, After the two year timeskip, Robin's hair has grown longer, down to her lower back and is pulled back, revealing more of her forehead and ears, personally i love Nico Robin after time skip :D.

One Piece Cosplay Photo by Reika Gallery

well another sweet One Piece Cosplay from Reika, reika nick is Abel Nightroad i already post her One Piece cosplay photo as Emporio Ivankov here, that was great one piece cosplay especially in story telling aspect :D, and as well with this One Piece Cosplay Photo by Reika as Nico Robin, when Reik a Cosplaying as Emporio Ivankov she look very stupid xD and funny (that awesome) but in this One Piece Cosplay photo she look very smart with that glass and book and seem fit with Nico Robin characteristic (Reika not just dressing but she know how to make character alive ^^), beside that even she just wearing casual sweater i think she made Nico Robin character more alive i just think maybe Nico Robin will look like this in real life :D, well another thing i love from this One Piece Cosplay is Reika hair that seem different with Nico Robin hair but very natural and nice, i got this One Piece Cosplay from Reika's WorldCosplay page, visit there to see another her One Piece Cosplay photo.

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