One Piece Cosplay by Uduki

One Piece Cosplay by Uduki as the great swordman/Samurai in One Piece Anime Roronoa Zoro, i think Eichiro Oda (the writter of One Piece Anime) was inspired by The Legend of Zoro Movie ^^, One Piece is full fantasy anime who take a theme in Pirates era, the One Piece story begin when the pirate king "GOLD D ROGER" caught by the government, and when will the execution he said he hid his treasure in the new world, along with a smile when he was executed a new pirate era begins, in this One Piece Cosplay Photo the cosplayer Uduki cosplay as one of Monkey D Luffy pirates crew, hes very skillfull on using three katana and he become much stronger after he trained by Shichibukai Member Mihawk at two year time skip.

One Piece Cosplay by Uduki Gallery

Well the cosplayer behind this Awesome One Piece Cosplay photo is Uduki, she is japanese cosplayer and this is my first time i post her cosplay photo here (her?...ya her, she is a girl XD) well i just kinda ugg,,, i dont belive it when i saw this Roronoa Zoro cosplay photography, Uduki completely seem like a guy with that Roronoa Zoro cosplay costume ^^, she look very total on this One Piece cosplay photo, I like the first and second cosplay photo, at first cosplay photo they look like all Luffy crew walking together in sunset shower at the beach...that so dramatic and full with story :D, we can see Nami, Luffy, Sanji and Nico robin walking ahead, i feel like this One Piece cosplay can tell the story behind the picture, and in the second Cosplay Photo Uduki seem very expressive with bloody face (i guess Zoro was fighting with strong enemy here :o maybe he fighting with Mihawk) and i guess thats real katana, well i love this One Piece Cosplay Photography, i got this One Piece Cosplay by Uduki from Uduki's page, great!!

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