One Piece Cosplay by Kaname

One Piece Cosplay by Kaname Cosplayer in Bangkok Comic Party, another awesome One Piece Cosplay as my favorite character portgas D Ace (or also known as Ace the fire puch), Ace is the member of Whitebeard pirates and one of the strongest pirates in blue sea, Ace is Lufy's big brother and the son of the pirates king gold D Roger, I like this character he look very cool when he destroy everything with his fire punch beside that Ace has cool expression though he has same habbit as Lufy and his gramps (often fall asleep even when they still eating something =.=") but after two year Time skip on One Piece i never see Lufy fall asleep when he eating anymore, i guess his sleep habbit already done, but its lame when Ace dead in Marine Port war, Ace dead because he trying to save Lufy from Akainu Lava punch, but he dead with honor at side his captain white beard.   

One Piece Cosplay by Kaname HiGallery

I love this One Piece Cosplay photo so much, without photo editing, photoshop touch, photography effect added on it but this One Piece Cosplay by Kaname, still look impressive :D, i mean look at Kaname (the cosplayer behind this awesome One Piece Cosplay is Kaname), he got everything needed to cosplaying as Portgas D Ace, he has very fit face characteristic with Ace character (he really can show and represent ace even without any pose), he has fit body posture not too much muscle but not too skiny too :D just fit well as Ace (oh well he need bit more mucle ^^"), and another thing i like from this One Piece cosplay photo is...his wound effect with some blood in his body that awesome with combining with his self proud expression (just like his father when in his execution :D) well i got this One Piece Cosplay by Kaname from AngoloNero's Livejurnal, you can check to that page from this link :D,, its Awesome One Piece Cosplay by Kaname.

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