Naruto Cosplay - Sakura Haruno

Naruto Cosplay - Sakura Haruno character from the series, Naruto is japanese manga and that become one of the most popular anime in asia even the world, Naruto has become my favorite anime too though its been long time im not follow this anime anymore, but few day ago i start again read the Naruto manga, i start from chaper 140 when naruto fight with pain in Sage mode, and now i still at chapter 178 when kisame dead by bee and reikage, in this cosplay photo the cosplayer cosplaying as one of main female character on the Naruto anime her name is Sakura Haruno, sakura is a cute girl with short pink haired (long pink hair when she was a child) sakura has cute face and body though actually she is "hulk girl" XD, she can smash and destroy everything with her punch, i think when sakura get made noone can stop her :D even naruto with sage mode XD.

Naruto Cosplay - Sakura Haruno Gallery 

This is another Naruto Cosplay Sakura Haruno by Unknown cosplayer, yea i dont know whos the cosplayer name because i cant found any information about whos she is, its will be nice if there someone can comment here and tell me about whos the cosplayer name or the original owner of t-his Naruto Cosplay - Sakura Haruno, in this Naruto Cosplay - Sakura Haruno she cosplaying as Sakura haruno when she was a child, i wondering what she doing in that stair alone o.o", i think she waiting for someone, and if i see her sweety smile i guess she waiting for Sasuke :o for their first date :D, her hair seem natural enough though i dont think that was look like a real hair ^^, well its was nice sakura cosplay though its so pity because i dont know whos the cosplayer is, but she look fit enough as sakura on this Naruto Cosplay - Sakura Haruno, i got this Naruto Cosplay - Sakura Haruno from, i dont think that was original site for this cosplay photo ^^ but u can visit there to see another Naruto Cosplay. 

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