High School of The Dead Cosplay by Shiu

High School of The Dead Cosplay by Shiu Cosplayer as Saeko Bushujima character, I love this Anime, ya High School of The Dead is anime, this anime was adapted from the manga version with same tittled, i read the manga too because manga is more future update though till now its still stucked in 29 chapter XD, its so lame when i cant read this manga till the end, i just wondering what will gonna happen to the main character group after japanese using IMP to destroy all electric stuff (well im not sure is that IMP or AMP XD, that was a nuclear weapon explosion in the air)l, in this cosplay photogrpahy the cosplayer name is Shiu she is cosplaying as one of hotest girl in the anime (there is nomore hot girl in the anime because many of them has turn into zombie XD) Saeko Bushujima is a leador of kendo (uh wait is that kendo or judo xD) club, shes very skillfull on using katana and she look very enjoy when she killing zombie.

High School of The Dead Cosplay by Shiu Gallery  

Shiu Cosplay as Saeko Busujima character, this is several time i post cosplay photo from Saeko Busujima but from different cosplayer tho, and this is my first time i post of Shiu cosplay photo, and its was one of perfect saeko bushujima cosplay photo ever, i dont think Shiu has grumpy enough face who can made her seem fit as Saeko Bushujima but i dont really care with that because i think its always hard to find someone who has similar face or body posture as anime character, but Shiu has did great work on her cosplay costume, that was awesome and impresive cosplay costume, that seem really close to the real Saeko Busujima in the anime (i remember Saeko use that costume when they lelf the house) beside that one more thing which i love from this High School of The Dead Cosplay by Shiu is Shiu has carrying katana, its always awesome to see a girl with katana XD, well i got this High School of The Dead Cosplay by Shiu from mon0r.com. sweet Saeko Bushujima Cosplay by Shiu.

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