Claymore Cosplay by VampiBeauty

Claymore cosplay by VampiBeauty cosplayer, Claymore is one of my favorites anime well actually at first i know claymore from my friend and i start with reading the Claymore in manga version, and then after when they made Claymore into anime version i watch the anime too, they is many difference between anime and manga version story that why i love to watch anime version though i already read manga, i love the story on this claymore that was nice and compex story which always made me courious about what will happen next, in this cosplay photo the cosplayer name is VampBeauty, she cosplaying as my favorites character on this anime, her name is Teresa the faint smile, when i saw this character at first time i said "this is my faith to meet her xD" lol, she has sweet face and i think she is most sweet girl in the series, even she has sweet face actually she is the most strongest claymore ever, she is 1st strongest claymore in organitation.

Claymore Cosplay by VampBeauty Gallery

Which i love from this Teresa Faint Smile is shes cold blooded, she always smiling when she kill youma with brutal but still she look sweet even she got bath with the blood, This is not my first time i post PampBeauty cosplay photo, i already post her cosplay photo when she cosplaying as Judy (Street fighter character) and Saeko Bushujima character from High School of The Dead anime, she always did stunning cosplay photo with stunning photography effect (i always love her cosplay costume too) as well with this Claymore cosplay by VampiBeauty, she really did great on every aspect on this Claymore cosplay by VampiBeauty, the cosplay costume really look like real one (that was look like a real plate armor) and the Claymore seem very shap :o and like made from real steel, that just awesome, the most i love from this Claymore cosplay by VampiBeauty is PampBeauty really fit as Teresa, she is perfectly fit as teresa faint smile which i always imagine, i love her eyes, i love her background set, i love everything lol, actually there is Claire cosplay too but i dont know whos the cosplayer name is, i got this Claymore cosplay by VampiBeauty from her DeviantArt page, visit there to see another her cosplay photo.

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