One Piece Cosplay Nami by R

One Piece Cosplay Nami by R Cosplayer, urrm again XD i got another One Piece Cosplay photo, this time the cosplayer name is R, (just K, well she has suck a short name ^^") in this One Piece Cosplay, R cosplaying as one of my favorites character Nami, its very cute nami, nami is identical with a Thief cat that becouse of her personality and she is thief in the past before she join StrawHat pirates and become navigator in Strawhat ship, Nami has Short blonde or umm orange hair (nami very love orange, she has orang farm near her house, that why there is always an orange tree on the ship), she has very cute face and can make Sanji fall in love and easy nose bleeding ( i think sanji always easy got nose bleeding xD), Nami is not devil fruit user but shes very expert on weather so she can make a lightning, fog, or mirage which can make her have copy of herself, i like to see nami when she act soo bossy and punch every dumbass like Luffy and another crew XD, they all look so lame with wounded face.

One Piece Cosplay Nami by R Gallery

This is another One Piece Cosplay photo from another cosplayer, this time i got Nami Cosplay photo on Nami by R cosplayer, umm i dont really like her name XD that seem to simple "R" i think she need more sweet name :D just like her face, she has manage to create very cute nami in this One Piece Cosplay Nami by R, though i think nami dont have that eyes color ^^', but R really did great on that Nami Dance outfit, i always imagine nami will look like this if she come alive and wearing that dance outfit, besaid that this R cosplay photo seem so clean and soft to see, and her wig that was very nostalgic, its been long time im not see Nami had that haircut ^^, in the One Piece anime now, Nami has long blonde haircut, who made her seem more mature and sweet, i love this One Piece Cosplay Nami by R and the most i love is the detail on her Dance Outfit that was awesome, beside that i think R seem fit enough as Nami, i got this One Piece Cosplay Nami by R from, but i guess R need better name than just "R" xD. well sweet One Piece nami Cosplay by R.

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