One Piece Cosplay as Nami and VIvi

One Piece Cosplay as Nami and VIvi Character by two sweet girl, One Piece is japanese manga wrrited by Eichiro Oda, I love this manga so much eichiro oda always full with extra dordinary idea on making the story in this One Piece manga, and he love making strange creatures xD, many character or creature on One Piece is taken from mystical creature like kraken or something like that, but i think Eichiro oda has different presective about how that creature look like :D, which i love from this anime is the story who always out of the box and the story always chainted with the past story, i think eichiro oda always thinking far forward about how One Piece story will be look like, One Piece has been adapted to anime too and i always follow the anime series from internet (well cant find original CD or DVD in my country lol), in this One Piece Cosplay the cosplayer cosplaying as two cute girl in One Piece, Nami and Vivi, Nami is Straw Hat Pirates crew she has cute face and we can imagine her as a cat, and Vivi is Arabasta Princes who meet with staw hat pirates and become friend, i love the episode when they come to arabasta to try save the kingdom from Baroque works organisasion.

 One Piece Cosplay as Nami and Vivi Gallery

Well this time i got another sweet One Piece Cosplay as Nami and Vivi, by Sweet Girls i dont remmeber how many One Piece Cosplay i was post on this blog (all image in this MyAnimeGirl mostly i found in the internet and all image credit goes to the original owner, and i never intending to claim that as mine :D) i love nami on this One Piece Cosplay as Nami and VIvi the cosplayer has been made nami look alive here, i mean she look fit enough as Nami though i dont really love her wig (that seem unatural ^^) beside that the Nami Cosplayer seem very cheerfull and very expressive :o, see the way se lifted his feet high, i think the photographer did big mistake on deciding the photograp angle when this One Piece Cosplay as Nami and VIvi was taken xD, i like vivi cosplay photo too, her hair look better then nami, and most i love from this One Piece Cosplay as Nami and VIvi is the dacer outfit :D that make them look so hot, but unlucky i dont know whos the cosplayer name behind this One Piece Cosplay as Nami and VIvi or the original owner of this cosplay photo, so sorry for not including their name here, i got this One Piece Cosplay as Nami and VIvi from, sweet Nami and VIvi cosplay from One Piece anime.

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