One Piece Cosplay as HebiHime by Tasha

One Piece Cosplay as HebiHime by Tasha Cosplayer, Another sweet Cosplay from Sweet korean cosplayer Tasha, Hebihime also known as Boa Hancock she is the leader of Kuja Pirates and she is only one female member of Shichibukai, Her devilfruit abillity is to turn people who love her into the stone that just look like Medusa abillity, when she was a kid she got captured and become slave of Tenryubuto that why untill now she still hate tenryubuto, she has become one of my favorites character on this One Piece Anime, she has extraordinary beautifull who made everyone who see her fall in love with her and always see low to another peaople ^^", i love her face blushing when she thinking about luffy she look cute, beside her abillity to make people turn into stone she also has powerfull haki power who made her can kick with high power and even can kick people who has Logia type devil fruit, i still remember when she kick Smocker when she trying to save luffy in war.

One Piece Cosplay as Hebihime by Tasha Gallery

Tasha Cosplay as the most beautifull woman in the anime Boa Hancock, she really look fit as her, when i see this One Piece Cosplay as HebiHime by Tasha i almost become a stone :o Tasha using Mero mero when and make me fall in love with her XD, she look perfectly beatifull with that Boa Hancock Hair style i think something who made boa hancock look beatifull is her hair, and her some pose on this One Piece Cosplay as HebiHime by Tasha OMG! XD she really has made me Frozen like a stone and nose bleeding xD, beside she look perfect as Boa Hancock she also has did great cosplay costume too, that was like what she always did in every her cosplay photo, actually i got another tasha cosplay as Boa Hancock with using another costume she look hot with the chinese traditional dress (i forgot what that name XD) :o, i remember boa hancock ever wearing chinese dress too in the anime, i decide i only will post one post everyday (usualy i post 2 post everydays) i scared how if someday i cant find new cosplay photo coz i already post them all here XD. well i took this One Piece Cosplay as HebiHime by Tasha from, cosrain is one of my favorites cosplay site you can visit there to see another cosplay photo.

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