Miyuko Cosplay as Nine Tailed Fox Ahri

Miyuko Cosplay as Nine Tailed Fox Ahri character from League of Legends online game, im not play this game even this is my first time i hear that game XD, League of Legends is an acftion RTS video game, this game has been develoved and published by Riot Games for PC Platform, from many information which i got this game has been inspired by the popular game DotA All Starts (well i love that game XD i often play DotA when i was in High school) i can spend whole my time after school for playing that game, this League of Legends has different gameplay with DotA but there is some similar feature in there, and the graphics on this game will remind you for sure to DotA game they has similar graphics, the game was in a closed beta from april 10 2009, to october 22, 2009, then this game transitioned to open beta untill full release.

 Miyuko Cosplay as Nine Tailed Fox Ahri Gallery

Miyuko cosplay as Nine Tailed fox from League of Legends, this nine tailed fox name is ahri, when i say Nine Tail Fox that always remind me to Naruto Kyubi, if naruto seem cool with her Nine Tailed Fox, Miyuko Seem very cute with her Nine Tailed Fox costume ^^', i love that Miyuko Nine Tail that seem soft but heavy xD and has been made Miyuko look cuter, I bet She can walk with that Nine Tailed Fox cosplay costume, everything look great on this Miyuko Cosplay as Nine Tailed Fox Ahri she has did great on every single aspect, though there is something which i think not going well here, i think her Nine Tailed Fox Cosplay costume see too red which made that bit different with Nine Tail Fox costume in the game, beside that i think Nine Tailed Fox must be look more mature then Miyuko, but in this Miyuko Cosplay as Nine Tailed Fox Ahri, Miyuko has made Nine Tailed Fox seem to cute XD, that made me wanna make Nine Tailed Fox as my pet :D, well miyuko has beautiful eyes in this Miyuko Cosplay as Nine Tailed Fox, the red softlens seem very fits with here face characteristic ^^, i got this Miyuko Cosplay as Nine Tailed Fox Ahri from comic-friendly.blogspot.com sweet and cute cosplay by Miyuko :D.

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