K-On Cosplay Photo as Azusa Nakano

K-On Cosplay Photo as Azusa Nakano character from the series, K-On is four panel japanese comic and has been adapted to the 13-episode anime which produced by Koyoto animetion, this anime was published and aired in japan between april and june 2009, and the ova episode was released in march 2011 this ova has 26 episode, in this cosplay photo the cosplayer cosplaying as the wakaba girl named Azusa Nakano or also known as Azunyan, Azusa is a student in the same year and class as Yui's Sister her name Ui, Azusa join a light music club member and she become the rhythm guitarist, this character seem very cute in the anime with long black haired, and black brown eyes and she always wearing pigtails hairstyle, she already playing guitar since she was in the fourth grade, and Azusa seem very talented on playing guitar, but she has touble on singing while playing guitar.

K-On Cosplay Photo as Azusa Nakano Gallery

this is another cosplay photo from K-On anime series, this time i got another cute Azusa Nakano cosplay photo, the cosplayer seem very cute in this K-On Cosplay Photo as Azusa Nakano, she look very fit as Azusa Nakano, her age seem at the same aga with Azusa Nakano in the anime, she has righ face and body posture which seem very similar with azusa body, she has manage to create very cute azusa nakano, her hair seem very close to the real Azusa hair though i dont think thats was natural enough, i like her cosplay costume (well i think that just casual cloth ^^ and i dont know if Azusa ever wearing this cloth on the anime), her cosplay costume has been made her look even more cuter, well...ive no doubt anymore, the cosplayer name is Asae Ayato, thanks again to Philidia :D who was tell me whos the cosplayer is (actually i was thinking about Asae Ayato too when see this, but im not sure, she look more younger in this  Asae Ayato cosplay photo xD)  Asae Ayato has did very kawaii cosplay photo in this K-On Cosplay Photo as Azusa Nakano, i took this K-On Cosplay Photo as Azusa Nakano from httpcomic-friendly.blogspot.com, visit there when you have a time.

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