Miku Hagane Cosplay by Miiko

Miku Hagane Cosplay by Miiko from Another Vocaloid, well till now i still confused with what cosplay is this, and who is Miku Hagane, and why she look like similar like Hatsune Miku, i cant found any detail information in the internet so for anyone who has information about who is Miku Hagane please feel free to leave comment ^^, i just found information that Miku Hagane is Miku Hagane is Rock Heavy metal version of Hatsune Miku, i already hear some song of this Miku Hagane, and ya that was Heavy Metal music but still with Hatsune Miku vocal characteristic, this vocaloid called "Vocaloid Type H", not just Miku hatsune has Heavey Metal version here, but all vocaloid character has another version, there is Hagane Len, Hagane Rin, Hisamine Kaito and Kagura gackpo, i though that was like Edolas (inverse world in fairy tail) Version in Vocaloid xD.

Miku Hagane Cosplay by Miiko Photo Gallery

Miiko seem very total in this Miku Hagane Cosplay by Miiko, she made up well everything here, she has stunning cosplay costume which made well end with high detailed i think she has chose right material for her cosplay costume though i think there is small difference in her skirt and her left stocking ^^", I love her wig, i dont know why just like that, that wig seem very natural and look like Miku Hagane for real, she even pay attention to small thing like her Butterfly tatto in her belly and her 01 tatto in her left chest which indicated she is first character, that was cool tatto her tatto has been made very close to Hagane tatto in the pictures, i still wondering if Miiko can really playing her guitar and sing a Heavy Metal Song ^^, cos she really look cool with that guital in this Miku Hagane Cosplay by Miiko. i took this  Miku Hagane Cosplay by Miiko from Cosrain.com, awesome cosplay.  

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