K-On Cosplay photo by Miiko

K-On Cosplay photo by Miiko as Yui Hirasawa character, K-On is a Japanese four-panel comic strip manga written and illustrated by Kakifly and later has been adapted to 12 episode anime plus 1 original video animetion (OVA), and whole episode has realease January 2010, K-On!'s story revolves around four Japanese high school girls who join Sakuragaoka Girl's High School's light music club to try to save it from being disbanded, the main character in this K-On Anime/manga is Yui Hirasawa, i cute girl with shoulder-length hair (a little longer than Ritsu's) and always using accessories two yellow hair clips, Yui is a girl who always easily distracted by cute things and very love tasty food, Yui Hirasawa has very cheerfull personality and she is crybaby but always easy to cheerup if she gets some sweet food ^^ (how a cute girl), Yui very love her guitar and always did something with that guitar suck as playing dressup with that, sleep with her guitar and also have a tea time with it.

K-On Cosplay Photo by Miiko Gallery

Well its been several time i post about Yui Hirasawa cosplay, its many coser cosplaying as Yui Hirasawa, but this time i have K-On Cosplay photo by Miiko i took this cosplay photo from Mon0r.com, that site has become one of my favorites cosplay website ^^, i post the cosplay photo here coz i just want share that on my blog and not even ever intending to claim as mine, i can said miko has some unique face characteristic which made her seem different from another cosplayer and made her very fit as some character she cosing, i like this K-On Cosplay photo by Miiko its was sweet Yui Hirasawa cosplay though i dont think Miiko seem fit as Yui, i mean Miiko has been manage to create another cute Yui Hirasawa character (cos that was different with Yui Hirasawa image which i ever imagine ^^), and i love her hair too ^^ that seem very natural though i dont think that was a wig, sweet K-On Cosplay photo by Miiko, visit the original site to see another sweet cosplay photo.

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