D.Gray Man Cosplay by Yun Kousaka

D.Gray Man Cosplay by Yun Kousaka as Lenalee Lee, this is another cosplay photo from D.Gray Man anime, i already post of D.Gray man cosplay Lenalee Lee by koyuki, if u dont know yet about this anime here some information about this anime, D.Gray man is manga created by Katsura Hoshino and published in Shonen Jump Since 2004 this anime has been adapted to Anime and has good respond from manga reader, Lenalee Lee is an Exorcist and the member of European branch of Black Order, in the manga Lenalee has Black haired but in the Anime version her hair become Dark Green colored, her hair fall halfway and often she use Pigtail hairstyle, i though she's seem very cute with that pigtail hairstyle ^^, but in part way to the Edo arch she loses most of her hair when it burned away during an intense battle with a level 3 akuma, she has nice personality i think she will doing anything for her friend, Lenalee is extremely caring towards those she deems as friends, Despite her cheerful nature, Lenalee hides deep sadness and fear below her peaceful exterior.

D.Gray Man Cosplay by Yun Kousaka Photo Gallery

In this D.Gray Man Cosplay by Yun Kousaka, Kousaka Yun has cosplaying as Lenalee Lee when she has lose her Long hair, Lenalee Lee seem very cheerful in this cosplay photo, well, i think Kousaka Yun seem bit different with Lenalee Lee which i always imagine, i don't know what exactly what which made they seem different but maybe Yun Kousaka has different face characteristic with Lenalee Lee personality, overall i love this D.Gray Man Cosplay by Yun Kousaka, Kousaka Yun seem very enjoy cosplaying as Lenalee Lee, though i dont really like her wig, that seem too green and unnatural ^^", one of this cosplay photo which become my favorite cosplay photo is the photo which full filled with blue shade, that seem very neat soft and can really match up with Lenalee Lee cosplay costume, i took this D.Gray Man Cosplay by Yun Kousaka from game8indo.com, visit there when u had a time ^^, Sweet cosplay.

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