Catherine Cosplay Photo by Miiko

Catherine Cosplay Photo by Miiko cosplayer, Catherine is  is a puzzle-platformer, horror, adventure game developed by Atlus Persona Team and published by Atlus and has been created for Play Station 3 Platform, in this game, the player will control a man named VIncent who begins having strange nightmare after his girlfriend Katherine ask him about marriage and commitment, and his problem getting bad when he meet with another girl with name almost same with his girlfriend, her name is Catherine, and in this coplay photo Miiko Cosplaying as Catherine, Catherine is one of main female character on this game, Catherine is a mysterious 22-year-old woman who has a charming face and a "well-proportioned" body, that made her become my type xD (but well i think im not her type :P)  It is after meeting Catherine that Vincent begins to have nightmares.

Catherine Cosplay by Miiko Gallery heart already try to refuse to post this Catherine Cosplay Photo by Miiko, but i can refuse that XD, and in the end i post this Miiko cosplay photo, Miiko seem very hot here she show someting called "magical charm thing" and she did very hot pose with that cosplay costume (in some cosplay photo there is censored part xD), regardless of the Hot thing in this cosplay photo i think Miiko did great cosplay, she has been made Catherine character come to alive in this cosplay photo that was perfect Catherine cosplay photo i ever seen, i mean i love her tottality in this cosplay photo and the background setting of this cosplay Catherine Cosplay by Miiko can describe well who Catherine character, i guess this Catherine Cosplay by Miiko has been taken in the bar, Miiko oh miiko you made me cant control my mind xD u're soo hot here, well i took this Catherine Cosplay Photo by Miiko from, sweet Catherine Cosplay by Miiko.

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