Shakugan No Shana Christmas Outfit (Photo shoot)

Shana (14)I can hardly believe a year has gone by that fast! Before I knew it, Christmas is just a few days away! I still have a truckload of stuffs to do which I’m falling desperately behind.

Anyway, before I miss the season again, I just want to share some of my recent photoshoot photos with you guys. Let’s hope no puke was induced with my act-cuteness ;D

So last weekend, my super awesome photographers and I brave the enthusiastic crowd and rain to shoot this set of pictures in Orchard Road itself! Presenting Shana from Shakugan no Shana, Season 2’s final episode outfit! Yes, the outfit she wore to confess to Yuuji and to fight the final boss Open-mouthed smile And yes, I’m that much of a Shana fangirl!




:iconsour-cheese: Sour Cheese            :iconheavens-leaf: Geno

It was a mad mad rush getting the costume together and it has got to be one of my ghetto-est costume ever! The photoshoot was arranged in around 1 week + and I only decided on which costume to wear like, 5 days before it!

Shana (1)

Shana (2)

SONY DSCShana (3)

Finding the right fabric at the right price was what took up most of my time! I went to Chinatown and Toa Payoh but couldn’t find anything suitable. In the end, in view of the nearing deadline, I bit my lips and bought expensive Poplin (pretty much like Cotton) from Spotlight instead.

I hope you find the use of poplin unnoticeable in the pictures because I deliberately took the trouble of making a felt lining inside to give the coat stiffness and volume befitting of a winter coat xD

Shana (5)Shana (6)Shana (8)Shana (16)

Pretending to be cold in a tropical country is hilariously lame. But ah well, you guys know me … XD

Shana (7)

Waiting for Yuuji to choose her…

Shana (9)


I also didn’t have enough fur so I had to go out and buy extra fur just before the photoshoot. So yes, as you would have guessed, that part of the fur was safety pinned and double sided taped on. So ghetto *hides*.

Shana (11)


Shana (21)

The weather was so unpredictable that day. It would be clear for a while and then pour so heavily the next moment. Like what Sour-cheese said, it’s almost as if Mother Nature was having urine incontinence xD Also as an added misfortune, my boots decided to give way before the shoot start so I had to secure it with guess what? Scotch tape. I am so awesome LOL! *gets bashed*

Shana (12)Shana (29)Shana (28)

Still waiting…

Shana (25)Shana (26)Shana (27)Shana (31)Shana (33)

why is Yuuji not here yet =( ?


Sorry for the lack of text in this entry. I honestly don’t know what to say and I’m really sleepy now so please pardon me.

You’d notice an incredible amount of photos compared to my other photoshoot entries, that’s because of the awesome photographers that made it possible. Good photo won’t need no photoshop right Open-mouthed smile?  And ironically, the breaking down of my PC that has forced me to not have any means to photoshop the pictures hahah. So yes, none of the photos here have been photoshopped by yours truly.

I’m not exactly good at doing MOE but nevertheless, I hope you guys enjoyed the photos and remember to leave me a comment!

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