One Piece Cosplay photo by Maron

One Piece Cosplay photo by Maron as Nami, Nami is one of two girl member of Straw hat pirates, she has abillity and very skillful in navigation, she can read weather, nami known as one of greates navigator in the bluesea, she also use weather as her weapon in fighting enemy, she create rain, lightning, and cloud when she fight, after Strawhat pirates crew sparated in sampody island, nami has sended by Kuma to weather island and she realn much think in there, Nami always identic with cat, becouse she is cute but love to stealing from people, She has a bounty more than of 16,000,000. berry

One Piece Cosplay by Maron Photo Gallery

in this One Piece Cosplay photo by Maron, Maron very cute with that dance nami costume, everything look great in this One Piece Cosplay photo by Maron, the background of photo with flag can represent the Pirates era, she has very cute face and nice body posture that was very fit as in that part, but i think she has  innocent face ^^', that really contrast with nami personality, however Maron has manage to create very sweet nami (i think im fall in love once again xD), and i think maron was fit enought as nami which i ever imagine, i got this One Piece Cosplay photo by Maron from, well, i just wanna said Marry Xmas everybody ^^. 

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