Nymph Cosplay by Madoka Chamy

Nymph Cosplay from Sora no Otoshinomo by Madoka Chamy, i already post Nymph Cosplay by Midori kanda, i think that was great and fit enought as Nymph which i ever imagine, and this time i got another great Nymph cosplay photo from Sora no Otoshimono, the cosplayer name is Madoka Chamy, i think this is my first time i post cosplay photo of her, well like Midori kanda, Madoka Chamy has cute face and fit body posture as Nymph.

Madoka Chamy Cosplay as Nymph Photo Gallery

Madoka Chamy has did great cosplay in this Nymph cosplay photo, the Nymph cosplay costume has made well too here, and has been made with very detailed detailed, i think that was so close to the real one in the anime, well escape for the wing, i think that not rook real enough, well overall i really love this Nymph cosplay photo, and adoka chamy has did great job in this cosplay photo. i took this phhoto from narock22.wordpress.com u can check there when have a time ^^, great cosplay.

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