Kyubey Cosplay photo by Anago

Kyubey Cosplay photo by Anago from MahouShoujo Madoka Magica anime series, Kyoubey in this MahouShoujo Madoka Magica remind me to Naruto, but in this MahouShoujo Madoka Magica Kyoubey is a Maho no Shisha which can be mean  "Messenger of Magic", i dont really know what exactly what that mean ^^, she grants the wishes of young girls, but in exchange contracts their services as Puella Magi, Kyubey features prominently as a character within the anime series of Madoka Magica. well i dont really watching this anime, but i think this was nice Anime, someone said the animation on this MahouShoujo Madoka Magica anime has Unique and different from another anime.

Kyubey Cosplay photo by Anago Photo Gallery

The cosplayer name on this Kyubey Cosplay photo is Anago, i think this is my first time i post her cosplay photos, well...Anago did great job in this Anago cosplay as Kyubey, she look very total on this cosplay, that was great makeUp nice cosplay costume and the background of this cosplay photo, was very represent of the Kyubey, Life white shade in this Kyubey Cosplay photo by Anago has add more soft feeling when someone saw this Kyubey Cosplay photo by Anago, i really love her wig, n pluffy ear ^^" that kinda look cute on Anago, i got this Photo from, i always thanks for the great cosplay photo in there. great job

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