Interview with Hitomi @ EOY

I had the good chance to be one of the media representative at EOY a couple weeks back. Here is the interview segment we had with Hitomi.

Q: What inspired her to be a Maid?
She has a younger brother at home and so she takes care of her brother. She likes to do more for other people.

Q: What about all the singing and dancing?
As a maid, she thinks she cannot get through to the customer. That’s why she wants to get through to them by singing and dancing. Through the song, people will feel happier.

Q: So people say being a celebrity maid is like a celebrity cosplayer?
I’m actually only a Maid Idol

Q: What does she think about being a Maid idol then?
It make people more happy. That’s why she thinks its a very touching job (?)

Q: Will she ever be going into cosplay?
She has done a few but she definitely wants to do more of it.

Q: Any characters that she likes very much?
She likes Hatsune Miku

Q: You’ve played “Pimp Butler” the card game. how do you feel about it?
Oh yes, it’s very fun. She’s very sad she lost and wants to play again.

Q: Since you will be going back to Japan, did they give you a pack to play?
Yes they have!

Q: Will you be playing it in Japan?
Yes definitely, she will be playing at home.

Q: Does she have any tips on how she maintains her stamina when she sings and dance? How does she train herself?
She does dance lessons and she’s part of this Team Junjou duo.

Q: How does she train her stamina?
Oh, keep on practising haha

Q: Does she have any tips or tricks for aspiring Maids?
Her tip is, to feel as a maid you should aspire to make other people happy.

Q: Does she have Maid Idol?

Q: How does she feel, to be invited as a guest of honour to a Cosplay Event, as a maid?
This invitation was actually extended from 6 months back and she’s very excited about it.
She’s very happy and excited to be invited

Q: So does she feel it’s weird for a Cosplay Event t be inviting her?
According to her, besides Singapore, she has also been invited to a multitudes of event abroad.

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