Ikki Tousen Cosplay by Ithuki Akira

Ikki Tousen Cosplay by Ithuki Akira cosplayin as Unchou Kanu, one of the A-Rank fighter skill from Seito Academy, she is a third-year student at Seito Academy and one of the strongest fighter, and Believed to be the most feared and powerful fighter in the Kanto region, she use nearly invincible Blue Dragon Crescent Blade from her predecessor as well as the legendary sword Kusanagi, and also has an overwhelming amount of chi, In the first anime adaptation, Kanu only appears in two episodes to fight with Ryomou and Hakufu (including Hakufu's dragon mode).

Ikki Tousen Cosplay by Ithuki Akira Photo Gallery

well...i dont really know about this Ikki Tousen manga, and now i interested to read this manga too, actually Ithuki Akira seem not fit enough as Unchou Kanu, Unchou Kanu must have keen eye who can make everyone fear of her ^^", that kinda hard to make that happen, and i guess Ithuki Akira seem has no fit body posture too as Unchou Kanu, but she has did well too in this Ikki Tousen Cosplay by Ithuki Akira, she has manage to make Unchou Knau look more cute ^^, i love her cosplay costume too, especially for the Blue Dragon Crescent Blade, that kinda look very real, i thought that was created with full steel ^^, i took this Ikki Tousen Cosplay by Ithuki Akira cosplay photo from Cosrain.com, great job!!

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