Cosplay: The Series (S2, Episode 15 review)

Episode 15 begins with a solo scene of Darth Snotius and the new Headmaster. The 2 of them, along with various cosplayers form The Alliance of Evil.

The character known as Darth Snotius is a man suffering from radioactive genetic mutation. And the effects of his mutation causes his snot to, guess it, glow. He is a man so hurt and cursed by the mainstream society he grew into a revenge monster. A twisted monster out to curse the normal and to build a world where the freaks will rule. And their first step? Invade the organisation!

The Q-Cosushinkai club members joins the organisation and receives intensive training to prepare themselves for the fight to save their loved ones. What will happen when The Alliance of Evil and their operatives attack The Organisation? Await the big battle next episode!

I'd say this is the most confusing and queer episode for me and I'm not even talking about glowing snots xD! Though I commend the team for thinking out of the box and giving the characters some Unique Selling Point, I doubt the scientific possibility of glowing snots xD

I can't say the current development is what I wished for but I'm holding back my opinions and waiting for the climax to unveil itself.

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