AFA Regional Cosplay Competition 2011 (Results) + National Pride?

Near a month too late but here is some footage from the AFA Regional Cosplay Competition’s Result announcement! The pure emotion showed on all the faces of the participants and the crowd was something I decided not to edit away ^^;

And apologies much for the immerse amount of shaking and jerking when I was screaming for my Home Team participants xD


Speaking of the Home team, am I the only one who feel upset with fellow Singaporeans for their lack of support for their representing country women ?!

If it was any other country, I’d understand the lack of cheers was due to geographic difference. But in an event that at least 50% (and that’s a conservative estimation) of the participant is from the same country, I was expecting a MUCH warmer support!

Tell me I’m cynical but I can’t help thinking it is all rooted back to many Singaporean’s innate tendency to support something foreign or be the first to put down their local products (general term).

Yes, I’m ranting and complaining here. But frankly, I feel that this whole “Singaporean are not good enough for Singaporeans” notion has to stop. Not only does that mentality demoralises the person (I’m talking about Singaporeans in this case) with the belief, it also spreads to people around him/her. It’s like a vicious cycle of discouragement and giving up.

Makes me wonder is my own country the only one with this issue?

Does this happen in any of your country? Probably not in the same context of a Regional Cosplay Competition but maybe more on pride in the local production or talents?

Share your thoughts with me !

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