Jay Tablante's Cosplay Photo Exhibition


Event Name: Jay Tablante's Cosplay Photo Exhibition
Location: MMS at *SCAPE (2 Orchard Link, #04-01, GRID New Media Studios, Singapore 237978)
Time: 10 am –  9pm
Entrance: Free

“Geekology 101”, a 1-man photographic showcase by internationally
acclaimed, Philippines-based cosplay photographer Jay Tablante opened today.

Incorporating more than a dozen works featuring global cosplay celebrities Alodia & Ashley
Gosiengfiao, Jinri Park and Yayahan dressed as characters from Marvel and Japanese animanga
and pop culture.

The showcase also included a workshop and shooting seminar by Mr. Tablante, targeted at
cosplayers, cosplay enthusiasts and photographers.

In the two two-hour long sessions, he demonstrated studio photography techniques, styling tips,
and methods to infuse life and realism into cosplay characters.

Ms. Alodia Gosiengfiao also graced the event as a guest-of-honor and she was joined by
numerous cosplayers from the local scene who were present at the event.

Jointly organized by EightBit Media & pop culture blog The Neo Tokyo Project, and sponsored by
Canon, Grid MMS and Camwerkz, Geekology 101 is held at Grid MMS at *SCAPE (2 Orchard
Link, #04-01, GRID New Media Studios, Singapore 237978).

The exhibition opens from 10 am to 9 pm.”

Ever seen this picture?

Yes, Jay Tablante is the creator of this photograph.


Jay Tablante will be holding a seminar at 1 pm and having a studio demo at 5 pm. I’m sure he wll be sharing a lot of awesome photography tips and insights. Admission to the seminars are free but I’m not sure if reservations is needed. I have the impression it’s walk in admission.

Sorry if my information are not clear enough, if you guys have any queries, pop over to www.neotokyoproject.com and get them answered ^-^!

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